The Board of Directors of Ravel Capital Management includes:

-Pierre-Laurent RIVARA

-Massimo MOTTINO

Ravel Capital Management is a member of the OAR-G (Organisme d'autoregulation des gerants de patrimoine)


Ravel Capital Management  is the sole advisor of the Ravel Investment Sicav and its sub funds.

Banque Degroof is the Custodian, Domiciliary ,Corporate and Administrative agent as well as the Management company for the Sicav. Bank Degroof is Belgium's premier independent private and investment bank active over more 140 years with regional offices in six countries. KPMG is the auditor of the SICAV and each of its sub funds.


The Ravel Investment Sicav is an open-ended investment company organised under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as a “Societe d’investissment a capital variable”.

It has been created on the 22/10/2009 and is registered pursuant to Part I of the Luxembourg law of 20 December 2002 relating to undertakings for collective investment, as amended (the "Law of 2002").


The NAV of the Ravel Funds is calculated on a weekly basis (available every Tuesday "T").

Subscription: Before 12:00 am in T-1 (Monday) / Payment T+2

Redemptions: Before 12:00 am in T-1 (Monday) / Payment T+3 

The pricing of the products can be found on Bloomberg, on the web-site of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, on the web-site of Banque Degroof and on the Ravel Funds page of this site.